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Month: March 2015

Solar Roadways

Posted on March 21, 2015  in Better Ways, Helping Humanity, New Developments, Technology

solar-roadways 3  Almost a Reality?

In April 2014, Solar Roadways started a crowdfunding drive at Indiegogo to raise money so they can get the product into producsolar-roadwaystion. In May, it was extended by another 30 days. The campaign raised 2.2 million dollars, exceeding its target of 1 million dollars.[9] The drive became Indiegogo’s most popular campaign ever in terms of the number of backers it has attracted.[10] The success was attributed in part to a Tweet made by George Takei, who played Sulu on Star Trek, due to his more than 8 million followers.[11][12] One of the Brusaws’ videos went viral, with nearly 15 million views as of June 2014.Suppose we made a section of road out of this material and housed solar cells to collect energy, which could pay for the cost of the panel, thereby creating a road that would pay for itself over time. What if we added LEDs to “paint” the road lines from beneath, lighting up the road for safer night time driving? What if we added a heating element in the surface (like the defrosting wire in the rear window of our cars) to prevent snow/ice accumulation in northern climates? The ideas and possibilities just continued to roll in and the Solar Roadway project was born.

See more information about this groundbreaking project here: http://www.solarroadways.com/intro.shtml

To Contribute to the Indiegogo  Fund and help this project become a reality Click Here:



Month: March 2015

The Fusion of People Technology and Vision

Posted on March 4, 2015  in Ideas, New Developments, Technology, Welcome


Our vision is the fusion of people, and technology

with ideas.

Fusion iT has a solid vision of the merging of technologies and people. Ideas make the world spin faster, with the majority of  great ideas becoming a reality in the last century alone it is fair to say that fusion of technology & people will not decline or slow down, only speed up and allow us to make bigger and more significant advancements.  We can not even fathom the advancements that will come in the next 30 years, but we do know they will change the way we live, work and play in ways that will enhance our lives to a degree of staggering mind states. Fusion iT will be there to help the transformation and bring people and their ideas, closer with technology.